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The Total Transit Foundation

Total Transit was founded in 1984 with the idea of creating a company that was both genuine and motivated by more than just financial goals. To that end, along with the goal of creating a holistically successful business, Total Transit promotes and adheres to the following core principles:
  • Be safe
  • Embrace change
  • Have courage
  • Act with integrity
  • Value people
  • Execute to win
To organize the company's many philanthropic efforts, the

Total Transit Foundation

was created in 2009; a 501(C)(3) non-profit designed to donate and contribute to a variety of causes and charities that align with the overall goal of helping the less fortunate. Annually, the company contributes a portion of its net income to fund the foundation each year with plans to increase these contributions over time.

Total Transit's charitable contributions

are not limited to the corporate level. To augment the foundation's activities, leaders and managers throughout the company are tasked with building relationships and partnerships with organizations and charities in each of the communities we serve.This process helps to ensure Total Transit is building community and charitable giving into the very fabric of its culture.

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Internally, the Total Transit Foundation offers incentives and programs to its employees to promote both giving back to the community and programs that supply the resources people need to help themselves. Click on the logos below to learn more!
Employee-of-the-Month Donation: Each month, Total Transit selects an employee-of-the-month who exemplifies the company's core principles. Aligned with the company's desire to give back, Total Transit donates $500 to the charity of choice for each employee-of-the-month.
Matching Gifts Program: The Total Transit Foundation's matching gift program is designed to encourage Total Transit employees to support U.S. based nonprofit organizations. The program offers a way to combine personal contributions with Total Transit Foundation's gifts, thereby contributing substantially to organizations of particular interest. All full-time employees, salaried and hourly, are eligible to participate.
Scholarship Program: The Total Transit Foundation offers a scholarship program designed to assist students with attending college and furthering their education. Scholarship applications are available to the children and grandchildren of employees and driver contractors of Total Transit and its affiliated companies. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement, demonstrated leadership potential and financial need. Recipients receive $10,000 ($2,500 renewable up to four years) in financial aid for tuition expenses at a college or university.
The Total Transit Foundation also works directly with various community organizations and campaigns throughout the year. The foundation works to support the community for which it serves, whether directly with transportation services or indirectly by supporting organizations that work to help the disadvantaged help themselves.

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Earth Day Campaign

Discount Cab would not be an industry leader in green innovation if it were not for the drive and passion of founder Craig Hughes. Inspired by his daughter's forward thinking green perspective, Craig launched the "Prius Project" on Earth Day, 2008. The "Prius Project" was conceptualized to convert the fleet to fuel-efficient cabs with the introduction of 20 distinctively colored, lime green Prius vehicles.

The company quickly exceeded all expectations and currently has the largest hybrid fleet of cabs in North America. Although the "Prius Project" has transitioned from being Craig Hughes' project to a company-wide best practice, Discount Cab continues to emphasize the importance of Earth Day with its annual Earth Day Campaign. On this day, a dollar of every ride is donated to local charities in each of the communities Discount Cab serves.

The 2012 recipients of the Earth Day donation were Homeward Bound , Save the Family and Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse.

Free Ride Back Program℠

As a socially conscious company, Total Transit understands the seriousness of drinking and driving. Discount Cab created the Free Ride Back Program and has been implementing this philanthropic program for over a decade. When the patrons of bars or restaurants find themselves too inebriated to drive, they can simply call for a cab and mention they'd like the free ride back. A Discount Cab will drive them home safely and return them to their car the next day, free of charge. Patrons simply have to pay for the original fare home.

As DUI regulations have become stricter over the years, Discount Cab has received increased attention from the media at various times during the year typically associated with drinking to help spread the word about the Free Ride Back Program. In recent years, the services associated with the Free Ride Back program costs Total Transit an average of $77,500 per year to ensure this program keeps patrons safe. Free Ride Back Program

Homeward Bound

Total Transit has had a very strong relationship with Homeward Bound, having donated over $164,000 thus far. Homeward Bound assists the homeless and families with children affected by domestic violence to achieve economic independence and secure long-term, safe, decent, affordable housing, as well as break multi-generational cycles of homelessness and domestic violence. Craig Hughes is on the board for Homeward Bound and it is his personal mission to help the organization with its mission. They have been the beneficiary of one of our Earth Day promotions for their green initiatives.

Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development

The Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development has 12 programs that provide a full range of services for homeless and at-risk youth. There are currently 120+ Safe Place sites. Discount Cab partners with this non-profit agency through Tumbleweed's Safe Place program. Specifically, Discount Cab provides transportation after hours and when volunteers are unavailable. With Discount Cab's extensive service area, youth have quick access to help, day or night. This partnership is a wonderful example of how a local business can directly impact the lives of valley youth.

Arizona Charter Academy

To help curb the effects of budget cuts to education, Total Transit sponsors two fifth-grade classrooms at the Arizona Charter Academy, which serves grades K-12. Total Transit contributes $2,500 a year and is committed to visiting the "adopted" classes once a month.

Habitat for Humanity

Total Transit has been a corporate sponsor of two homes and has donated some Earth Day incentives to one of their LEED qualified homes. Over $15,000 has been donated to this organization by Total Transit. As a corporate sponsor in recent years, employees (as well as their friends and families) have donated their time to help on-site during build days.

TLPA Pink Ride Campaign

Since 2010, Total Transit's private service offering, Discount Cab, has participated in the Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association's (TLPA) Pink Ride Campaign to benefit the American Cancer Society. In the month of October, Discount Cab donates $1 from each cab fare in 13 designated pink cabs.

St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance

St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance, the world's first food bank, is a non-sectarian, nonprofit organization that alleviates hunger by efficiently gathering and distributing food to sites that serve the hungry. The organization is committed to volunteerism, building community relationships and improving the quality of life for the needy. Discount Cab has worked with this great organization in years past. In 2011, Discount Cab provided complimentary transportation for those families receiving food from St. Mary's Food Bank who also needed a ride home with their boxed Thanksgiving dinners. Cabs were on-site all day from 8am-6pm.

Arizona Bridge to Independent Living

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Visit Emerge!'s website to find out more information.

Save The Family

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Arizona Lodging & Tourism Association

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