Introducing the Total Transit Fleet Lease Program

Total Transit

is a comprehensive mobility management company based in Arizona.
We uniquely integrate

private transportation, public transportation and transportation management

. Because of our integrated operational model, we are able to provide an unmatched level of efficiency and value. Our approach is rooted in decades of experience, proprietary software and systems, and an unparalleled level of customer service for all our clients.

Total Transit

, we firmly believe that what we do affects your business. Because of our dedication to our clients, we have become one of the fastest growing

transportation companies

in the industry. What does all of this mean for you? It means that there is a high probability that you will find

Total Transit

as the answer for your transportation needs.
From our continued investment in infrastructure to our industry leading green initiatives,

Total Transit is innovating and professionalizing the transportation industry

. We invite you to explore our website to find out more about Total Transit.

Total Transit is a majority-owned subsidiary of Total Transit, Inc.

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